What people are saying about Said The Butterfly Studio


I adore Melissa! Her classes are incredibly uplifting and so satisfying. They’re not like other art classes I’ve taken in the past. Rather than learning “how to paint,” we learn how to trust our instincts, step out of our comfort zone, keep moving through mistakes, embrace our creativity and be kind to ourselves. There is something magical and inspiring about participating in her classes. I love the community, the creativity and the unconditional support. 

–Tracie Cohen

Melissa Renzi and her studio classes are such an amazing experience. I am not an artist but I am someone who, for a very long time, has wanted to bring more creativity into my life. Melissa has been the perfect person to help me on this journey. She has the most open, accepting and gentle ways to help someone like me or a seasoned artist tap into a deeper part of their creativity. She creates a safe and welcoming space to be as honest and forthcoming as you want to be in your work and in your own self discovery. Really it’s about self care and isn’t that what we all need a little more of in our lives?

–Joanna Whelan


Yesterday was so special, I left feeling so relaxed and at peace. I've never had an experience like that before. It was initially nerve-racking and intimidating but quickly turned into ease and being totally present and not caring what others thoughts of me were. I got to access part of me that i had no idea existed. Melissa told me it was there but i had to see it to believe it. So thank you! 

–Sheena Schwartz

I was able to fully express myself, free of limitations, in a group that was open and supportive of whatever came up for me. I felt an intimate connection with the ladies in the group by the end, like we accomplished something together. Melissa, your energy really encourages people to be authentic and I really thank you for that. I feel like I connected to a part of myself, my creativity, that has been dormant for some time. I will absolutely be coming back and I'm telling my friends about it! Thank you.

-Ellie Moynihan