Adelante, Mixed Media on Canvas, Melissa Renzi, 2005. 3 x 4 feet


The vision for this painting came to me in an instant when I was a middle school teacher in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA in about 2002. In between classes I quickly grabbed a piece of paper to capture what I saw. The only piece of paper available was a golden-yellow rectangular “excellence award” with the school logo. On the back, in my signature purple teacher pen, I captured the image I saw: a fish and an arrow swooping upward. I can still see it now.


I went home that day and started to paint. And then I painted and painted and kept painting over what I painted. It just wasn’t “right” so I stopped. Life went on and the canvas sat unfinished for years, stuck between my fridge and my kitchen cabinets. Then, in October 2005, I brought the piece to Gemma’s studio. I was ready to finish it and ready to ask for help. I got to work at her studio table while she rested on the nearby couch.  She gave me just enough love and support and space so I could keep going and finish. And I sure did.


I named the piece “Adelante,” meaning “Onward.” This is something Gemma (as in Gemma Taccogna, my mentor and darling friend/world-renowned artist and teacher) always said.


I met my husband Bob the week I finished this piece. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy! I was truly moving Onward and Upward. And now, so is this piece. Let’s see what momentum it brings you.  


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