This is the first series offered by Said The Butterfly Studio! It’s all the wonderfulness of our individual workshops woven into a soulful series with even more time, space, depth, freedom and commitment.


Eleven weeks of finding, unfolding, developing and becoming. Over the course of our almost 3 months together, we’ll alternate meeting together in the studio with meeting independently in our home studios. I’ll provide inspiration and guidelines for your home studio time.


Eleven weeks of heart-led, process-based experiences. You’ll forge an even deeper connection with your own creativity and with other creative souls. You’ll discover a creative practice that will remain a foundation in your life even after the series ends. 


Come carve out the time and space for your Creative Soul to shine. Don’t have a home studio? Rest assured, you will soon. Whether it’s a closet, a kitchen table, a garage or a whole room, part of our work together will be to support you in creating and claiming space in your life and home to create regularly.


If you’re really ready to deepen your connection to your own creativity and other creative souls, this is the series for you.

$919 Tuition


This investment includes:

  • 11 Sessions (2.5 hours each, 6 in studio, 5 at home)

  • All materials including some to keep for your home studio

  • Creative support and inspiration throughout each week

  • Up to 5 Creative Way of Life Workshops between 9/7 and 12/14

  • Your very own Said The Butterfly Studio Bag

  • Self Care For Your Creative Soul Journal

  • Light beverages during studio sessions