Hi, I'm Melissa. And I'm the founder and creator of Said The Butterfly Studio. There's nothing I love more then connecting people with their own creativity again. And, as a result, with each other. That's why I'm bringing all the magic that is Said The Butterfly Studio to teams, groups, schools and organizations. It's both relaxing and energizing. It's individual and highly collaborative. It's the energy you've been waiting for. 


Get ready to experience team building and staff development like no other. Because we start by holding safe, sacred creative space away from deadlines and responsibilities and phones. We silence all the busy-ness of the outside word so your team can hear their own unique creative voices again. Then we connect with each other from that deep creative place, often for the first time. 


I create, facilitate and personalize creative experiences for individuals, groups and teams. These events are designed to connect people with their innermost creative resources. And mixed media is the way in. I'll guide you and your team through process-based, heart-centered creative exercises. People leave feeling deeply connected with their own creativity again. And bonded as a group by a truly one-of-a-kind shared creative experience. 


This work is based on a lifetime of seeing the world through creative eyes including my:

  • 5 years as apprentice to the legendary, world-renowned artist and teacher Gemma Taccogna

  • 20 year career spanning advertising, marketing, arts, education and motherhood

  • Experiential education in Spiritual Psychology with Ron and Mary Hulnick

  • Awareness that there is no greater self care need for humans than time and space to be creative

  • Insider view of what drives successful teams and how to shift the energy when a team is struggling

  • Gift of connecting people that already seem connected in a deeper, more meaningful way

Here are a just a few things you and your team will experience:

  • embrace imperfections

  • see things differently

  • connect with your own creativity in a whole new way

  • connect with each other as a group in a deeper, more meaningful way

  • find commonalities in differences

  • celebrate the unknown

  • make the invisible visible

  • tap into your innermost creative resources

  • create your own individual visual statement of bravery (link here about this)

  • create a collaborative visual statement of bravery to inspire your workspace

  • leave with a restored notion of the value of creative space

A great way to fill your team's cups so they can operate from a place of creative abundance. All this is bound to lead to better energy and enthusiasm within your team. I promise. Curious? Let's talk.

I had the opportunity to experience one of Melissa's workshops. It was so fun, it's crazy. More here please. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristi. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristi. 

-Kristi Bridges CEO, Sawtooth

"I want everyone I know to experience this. It far exceeded my expectations. And I've been to a lot of staff developments." (This is what she said during the staff dev, she will add more.)

-Nina Moench, Director, Dig Childhood Center

"Melissa Renzi knows more about the care and feeding of the creative mind than anyone I've ever met. She became our department's go-to-leader for every type of thinking designed to draw out creativity and innovation."

-Maggie Soldano, former Associate Creative Director, Kaiser Permanente 

"Melissa’s skilled leadership supported the integral workings of our 70-person department including a marketing integration and team-building initiative where Melissa was Co-Chair. She consistently distinguished herself with thoughtful insight and genuine partnership.”
-John Crane, former Creative Director, Kaiser Permanente 


Our offerings include:

  • Team Building

  • Employee Wellness Programs

  • Staff Development

  • Creative Offsites

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Ongoing Creative Workshops 

Ready to really invest in your team's creativity, connection and overall well-being? Let's talk. Send me a note now and we'll set up a time to chat.