Said The Butterfly is all about transformation. It's about the creative process inherent in all of life. In the lifecycle of a butterfly. In the journey of an artist getting in touch with her or his creativity again.


It's about the time and space it takes to rest and grow and eventually fly. And it's a transformative story of how Said The Butterfly landed and evolved in my consciousness. 


It all started in 2001 when I first moved to California. I was treasure hunting in the Salvation Army when I found a plaque that read, “Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly. “One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” I bought the two dollar treasure and the words—by Hans Christian Andersen—became part of my story.


For years, “saidthebutterfly” was my yahoo email address, then in 2010 it became the name of a line of cards I created. Time marched on and it became my gmail address. And then in mid-December 2016, when I was really ready to live my dream, I decided it was time to start teaching art classes again. I posted on Facebook that  I wouldn’t let another year go by without teaching an art class. With 2 days to spare, I taught the class on the morning of December 30.


When the time came to name the studio, “Said The Butterfly” was there waiting for me. I was ready to live the prophecy of the quote. I was ready to do so much more than living. And Said The Butterfly Studio was born. The original plaque hangs on the wall as I lead my abundant workshops and retreats. A loving reminder of how far I’ve come and how many more little flowers I still have in my heart just waiting to grow.

Now Said The Butterfly Studio is ready to fly. Are you? Sign up for a workshop or retreat today.