Said The Butterfly Studio is a splendid creative community.


It's a place to find, unfold, develop and become.

A place to draw, paint, invent and imagine.

A place to rest and grow and eventually, it's a place to fly. 


It's a place to see and be seen.

A place to hear and be heard.

A place to love and be loved.


It’s closing your eyes, opening your heart and signing every painting.

It’s remembering who you are and letting go of everything else. 

It's ringing the bell and listening, really listening. 


It's the space you want to discover your creativity again.

It’s the time you need to breathe and just be.

It's self care for your creative soul.


Said The Butterfly Studio is freedom, sunshine and little flowers for all.



Said The Butterfly Studio was created by artist, writer and dreamer Melissa Renzi.

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